The Water Sustainability Project team continues to emphasize a strategic public policy advocacy role and is communicating project research widely.

April 2017
In this webinar, speakers discuss how First Nations, and local and provincial government partners collaborated through the Kootenay Lake Partnership.
March 2017
In a recording of the WSP's March 2017 webinar, speakers discuss examples of and barriers to Indigenous-led freshwater planning initiatives and co-governance arrangements in B.C.
February 2017
In a recording of the WSP's February 2017 webinar, speakers discuss approaches and recommendations for achieving urban water sustainability.
December 2016
In a recording of the WSP's December 2016 webinar, speakers discuss solutions and tools for improving monitoring and reporting for B.C.'s watersheds.
September 2016
In a recording of the WSP's September 2016 webinar, speakers share insights on the important elements of a sound water use planning process.
July 2016
In a recording of the WSP's June 2016 webinar, speakers highlight recent research and on-the-ground examples of watershed governance in action in B.C.
April 2016
In an April 2016 webinar, speakers shared insights from their recent publication: "The Climate Nexus: Water, Food, Energy & Biodiversity in a Changing World."
February 2016
In February 2016, "The Forum on Environmental Flow Needs in British Columbia" convened to explore what is needed to implement an effective, world-class regime for the management of environmental flows in BC.
January 2016
In a recording of the WSP's January 2016 webinar, the speakers discuss insights from the POLIS research report "Awash with Opportunity: Ensuring the Sustainability of BC's New Water Law."
October 2015
In a recording of the WSP's October 2015 webinar, the speakers share insights on the critical importance of environmental flows protection and how to achieve it in Canada.

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